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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Primitive Americana e Patterns!!

Hello Everyone!

I've been super busy this week working in the yard and around the house! I wrote another article for The Olde Prairie Register that will out on May 1st entitled, Morsey the Horsey, Mr. Kenmore and Miss Bernina. If you have some time later this week, click on the link below and read some fun articles!

I also found some time this week to list a couple of new Primitive Americana e Patterns!

They are currently listed as electronic patterns on my website, Pattern Mart and Etsy. The paper version is available on eBay.

I hope everyone is enjoying some spring weather. Winter is not ready to leave Colorado quite yet!!

Deanna :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Primitive Americana Star MakeDo

I enjoy creating Americana primitives all year round! I spent some quality time in my sewing room this week rummaging through some of my patriotic fabric and this is the finished product.

I decided to make a pattern for this Star MakeDo. It's currently listed as an electronic pattern on Pattern Mart and Etsy. The paper version is available on eBay.

So much fabric, so little time.

Deanna :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Interview on Prim Sisters Talk Radio

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know that Brenda Addison of Hattie's Workshop interviewed me a while back for their Featured Artist segment on Prim Sisters Talk Radio. My interview airs this week! If you're interested, just click on the link below to listen to show number 28.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pictures of Our Home

I love garage sales! When we lived in Texas, my girlfriend and I would carefully plan our route from the newspaper ads. If the ad mentioned "antiques" or "quilts" we would arrive early. We would sit in the car and wait patiently for the garage door to open. I thought I would share some pictures of some of the things we've found over the years.

We've had this hutch since 1988.

And the matching china cabinet. For our wedding gift, my mother-in-law purchased and handpainted our china. It's simply gorgeous!

One of my favorite pieces is my secretary desk. I enjoy sitting here in the early morning hours with a cup of coffee and a puzzle book. I pay the bills here too (groan)!

Next to the desk is a ladder rack that I use to display a few of my quilts. All of the them were purchased at garage sales and are completely done by hand. I rotate the quilts with the seasons! I enjoy snuggling under one of these gems with a good book every now and then.

I purchased the farm table at a craft show a few years ago. People either love it or hate it! LOL!!

I made the sampler on the table as well as the bee/hive cross stitch in the mirror frame and the sampler hanging on the right in olive green frame. I enjoy working on my samplers in the evening after the boys go to bed. It soothes my soul!

When we downsized my mother's home a few years ago, she decided it was time to give me the rocking chair she used to rock me in when I was a baby. It creaks and everything! I'm looking forward to rocking my grandbabies in it someday!

I had to have this shaker peg shelf! I love decorating it with the seasons!

My cousin from Missouri visits every October and she's a garage sale freak too! When she's in town, we get into all sorts of trouble! I can't wait!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Welcome to Nanny Goat's Blog

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Deanna. “Nanny Goat” is a treasured childhood nickname given to me by my older sister Debbie (we call her Mary Poppins). When I was wee, I'm told that I ate LOTS of paper and often butted my head into people, dogs, walls, anything. Hmmm . . . maybe that's what's wrong with me?? LOL My younger sister's name is Dawn (Debbie nicknamed her Squirt).

The Byberg Sisters from Left to Right: Dawn Lorraine (Squirt), Deborah Lynn (Mary Poppins) and Deanna Louise (Nanny Goat). My best friends. We never met a quilt store we didn't like!

I am married to Robert, my best friend, and we have two wonderful boys. We live in the beautiful state of Colorado where Rob and I were both raised. Rob and I met in English 102 at Metropolitan State College here in Denver. He was an aviation major and I was an accounting major.

I am often asked who the pretty lady is in my logo. Her name was Louise Flaten Byberg, and she was my paternal grandmother.

I am lucky! I found my passion early in life and I turned that passion into a business. I am able to work at home doing what I love AND stay at home with my children. I am truly blessed.

I have always loved anything old. As a young girl, I collected antique kitchen goodies for my hope chest. I still have many of these treasures! My passion for primitives grew out of this love of antiques. During the early years of our marriage, we simply could not afford authentic antiques, so I started making my own. Soon friends and family were asking me to create "old" things for their homes. With the support of my dear husband, I now make “old” things full time!

My sisters and I were encouraged as children to keep our hands busy and our mouths shut! We all learned to knit, crochet, cross stitch and sew at an early age by watching our grandmother.
To help make ends meet, Grammy Byberg made custom draperies. My sisters and I spent many hours underneath her drapery board while she sewed away the afternoon on her old Singer. The luxurious fabric hung over the drapery board and created the imaginary home of our dreams. Grammy often joined us for lunch under the drapery board and taught us the magic of needle and thread. Grammy gave us her drapery scraps and we created our own draperies, doll quilts and linens for our little house. We sat cross-legged, giggled and hand sewed the bits and pieces of fabric from her scrap sack not knowing that this was the beginning of a life long passion for the three of us.

When I’m not creating primitives, I enjoy quilting, cross stitch (primitive samplers of course), knitting and crocheting. I also enjoy “climbing” our family tree! Rob and I have traveled all over the country to meet many of our wonderful cousins.

Thanks for stopping by!