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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Garage Sale Junkie

I enjoy this time of year for more reasons than one! Not only do I enjoy playing in the dirt (flower beds are adult sand boxes), I love garage sales! Every once in awhile, I find some wonderful primitives to incorporate into my decorating. Last week, I found a small, old hand shovel that I just stuck in one of my planters (I stole the idea from Carla of Country Road Primitives). I also found a rusty rake. The tines are great to hang smaller goodies from at craft shows! Rob likes to use them in our front yard Halloween display. I can't wait to share those photos!!

Last October, when my cousin Connie was in town, we found both of these items at the SAME sale. The were $15.00 a piece. I called Rob and said, "I'm at a garage sale and I found more rusty stuff, can you drive over here with the Explorer?". I could hear the hesitation in his voice. ROFL!! When he saw these beauties, he was all smiles!!

Most of the time, Rob says, "Deanna, what are you going to do with THAT?" Sometimes, he has no sense of adventure.

Gosh, is it Friday yet! I'm itching to go saling!

Deanna :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sharon Straley’s Lemon Strawberry Punch

This is a delightful and easy punch to serve at your backyard gatherings this summer! It'll be a hit with kids and adults alike!


3 – 6 ounce cans of frozen lemonade concentrate. (I prefer pink lemonade but this is completely up to you)
1 package of frozen strawberries (thawed) or use fresh strawberries (remove stems and cut in half)
1 liter bottle of chilled ginger ale
Ice cubes

In a large punch bowl, prepare the lemonade concentrate as directed on the package. Add thawed strawberries (or use fresh). Stir.

Just before serving, add the liter of ginger ale and some ice cubes.


Deanna :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Solitaire Coffee Jar Collection

Hello Everyone!

I know I've neglected my blogging lately. This time of year finds me spending many hours in our yard. I promise to post some pictures of our progress later this week.

I wrote an article for The Olde Prairie Register last evening about my Solitaire Coffee Jar Collection. The Solitaire Coffee brand was roasted, ground and packaged at the Morey Mercantile Company in downtown Denver between 1896 and 1956. I love to keep my craft odds and ends in these jars! What a great way to show off your collection AND be organized.

The June/July issue will be out on June 3rd and will be filled with lots of summer time fun. If you have some time later this week, click on the link below and read some fun articles!

I also found some time over the weekend to list a few Americana items on eBay. I hope you enjoy them!! For more information, just click on either picture you'll be whisked off to eBay land!!

At some point, I'll be offering a pattern for my Patchwork Stars. I love create primitives from my quilting scrap stash. Oh, and I keep my quilting scraps in a couple of those Solitaire Coffee Jars. The jars look so purdy with those scraps in them!!

Deanna :)